That’s 21 in Dog Years

Clayton is a lucky boy. We know because our vet said so.

Clayton and three of his litter mates on their 3rd birthday.
Clayton and three of his litter mates on their 3rd birthday. Clockwise from top left – Clayton, Fiona, John (Opie) and Gelsey (Lulu).

Clayton is one of seven puppies born to a dog in our rescue. His mom was as big as a basketball and left in a kill shelter. They did not have the facilities to birth and raise puppies so if no one stepped up the pregnant beagle was to be euthanized. After a loooong discussion, hubby agreed and we were going to foster our first group of puppies. February 4, 2014 arrived and I woke up to an email titled “BABIES.” Gemma (the name we gave momma beagle) was in the mist of delivering with two boys and two girls so far. The note added there was “one spectacular tri color male.” Three more pups were to come. We were so happy the puppies were going to be OK and the thought of adopting one was the furthest thing from our minds. But there was this one – his name is Clay. Hubby and I fell in love with him and as adoption day for the pups arrived we both knew he was already in his forever home.

Thanks to our local Three Dogs Bakery, we celebrated with a peanut butter cake and lots of love!

Happy 3rd Birthday Clayton!
Happy 3rd Birthday Clayton!

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